lunedì 16 febbraio 2015

Methods in Comparative Law: An Intellectual Overview (Russian)

The article is intended to be a brief summary of the basic tenets of this kind of approach to Law, in order to introduce the reader to the steps to be followed in using this method. In this sense, the Author will apply the formant approach with the aim both to dismantle the ideological substrate veiled by conventional views and to discover the deeper potentialities of Comparative Law. This kind of «aletheic» operation, meant as the generative source of the interpretative tradition, allows to discuss and to reassess three main issues: 1. the nature of comparative law as academic discipline and its aiming to provide tools for global governance of the legal field in today’s world; 2. the process of definition of Legal Origins and law reforms made by the World Bank; 3. the Jurisprudential implications of this approach.



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